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six months in September revisited December 17, 2006

Posted by guinever in christianity, death, grief, healing, life, loss.

Approaching the six month anniversary of my daughter’s death was the hardest time for me up until that point. (Springtime was even harder six months later) Days kept turning into weeks which turned into months. I imagined that six months would turn into a year and the days would keep on passing until the time without her would be longer than the time we had with her. That thought was unbearable. Almost as horrible as her death itself.

I have not yet reached the 2 year anniversary of her death or what would have been her fourth birthday. And we are not yet longer without her than what we had her. That day is quickly approaching.

But another milestone has come and passed. My second daughter is now older than Abby ever was. I have a blonde, delightful toddler girl again.

Twenty-one months ago, death took my sweet baby girl away. Then I wrote these words six months later:

hair like hers
wispy and blonde
I see a girl with her mother
I used to have a girl like that
but now she is vanished . . .

As I contemplate these words, I realize that I have a girl like that again. It has been both strange and wonderful to have our baby girl Mary blossom from infant to little girl. Strange because Abby is gone. Wonderful because Mary is present with us. Strange because they’re so much alike. Wonderful because they’re so different. Sisters. Mary will not remember her sister, but she can identify her in pictures. Sometimes when Mary sees herself in a picture, she says, “Abby.”

I read a Christmas letter from some friends and they have a girl the same age as Abby. I laughed as I read the news from the family until I came to the part about this particular daughter. Then I burst into tears. So much we have lost. We remember Abby as 2, but she should be here with us now and be nearly 4 and I’m reminded again of what I wrote many months ago.

I’m glad that she’s alive
alive alive alive
God is holding her
He’s holding me
separate we are now
but we will be reunited


1. diana - December 18, 2006

I don’t have much to say but I want to leave a comment because you have touched my heart and I will remember you in my prayers. The picture in your latest post is beautiful. God bless you,


2. Josiana - December 18, 2006


Thank you for giving me this link. I am crying right now with you. It is all I can do besides praying for you. I think and pray for you often. I look at my little butterfly and think of Abby. How beautiful she is. I will continue to pray for you and your precious family.

Josiana (JoJo)


3. Sarah Kojis - December 19, 2006


My heart breaks for and with you as you grieve all that you have lost and are missing. I am praying for you. Words fail me but know that I love you dear sister and I stand beside you in spirit. May the LORD continue to heal and mend your broken heart. You are in my prayers-



4. guinever - December 21, 2006

Diana, thanks for praying for me. I went to your blog. You have a remarkable testimony of God’s grace and it’s nice to see you quoting John Piper.

And also thank you, JoJo and Sarah, my TOG secret sisters. God bless you and I’m praying for you too.

Blessings, Guinever


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