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following Mary through the garden at the cemetery December 19, 2006

Posted by guinever in a pictorial walk through the cemetery, just pictures, photos.


1. reunionwritings - December 20, 2006

That’s so sad. It makes me feel really sad for you that you went through this. I’m really sorry.

The flowers and the name are Dutch. You’re not Dutch are you?


2. guinever - December 20, 2006

Although my husband’s family is Dutch, we had nothing to do with these tulips. The cemetery plants 20,000 tulips every Spring for Easter in a section called “the garden.” This garden is filled with different things year round. Beautiful!


3. reunionwritings - December 21, 2006

Does he still speak Dutch? I live in Amsterdam,my husband is Dutch. It is a beautiful place to honour your child and it still makes me sad.

Thank you for letting see some of you life.


4. guinever - December 21, 2006

My husband never spoke Dutch. I mean to say that his roots are Dutch if we go back several generations. Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, the place where my daughter is buried is beautiful. I am thankful for that.

Blessings, Guinever


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