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longevity of life February 6, 2007

Posted by guinever in christianity, grief, healing.

I had an interesting conversation with my seven year old son who is working on memorizing Proverbs 3.

My son, do not forget my law,
but let your heart keep my commands;
for length of days and long life
and peace they will add to you. (vs 1-2)

He asked me if “length of days” and “long life” mean the same thing. I explained that they are similar, but their usage is slightly different. I told him that my grandmother who died when she was almost 90 years old lived a long life on this earth. In contrast, his sister Abby who died when she was two years old lived a very short life. My grandmother’s length of days were much greater than Abby’s length of days.

He looked thoughtful at my comment and grew silent. I asked if it bothered him that I talked about Abby. He said that he doesn’t cry anymore about Abby, but he still misses her a lot and he’ll never forget her. I smiled.

I am pleased at his healing, his progress in coping with his sister’s death. However, I am sure his future holds tears yet un-shed as he processes her death in new ways  that maturity will bring.


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