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a song written for a baby girl February 9, 2007

Posted by guinever in christianity, grief, healing.

Baby Girl, Baby Girl,
Can you see?
The Father’s love is pouring down on thee.

Baby Girl, Baby Girl, can you hear?
Rushing waters angels everywhere.

You were created in his image, knitted in my womb,
with his finger, He’ll touch that smile upon your face.

Baby Girl, Baby Girl,
Can you feel?
The hug of heaven,
My womb around your shape.

A couple years ago, Kate Kelty wrote this song titled, “Baby Girl” when she was in the last few weeks of her pregnancy with Anna.

Shortly before my 2 year old daughter Abby died, another baby died. I first heard about the death during announcements at church. A stillborn baby. Full-term. This was baby Anna. Every pregnant woman’s worst fear had become a reality for Kate and her husband. I hugged my baby Mary a little tighter, and cried. It could just as easily happen to me or someone close to me or to one of the couples in my childbirth class.

Later in the week, two friends asked me if I knew Kate and had I heard what had happened. I didn’t know her, but yes, I had heard. I wanted to write to her, but I was afraid. I didn’t know her and didn’t know what to say. My mother’s heart was aching for her.

But then when my Abby died, I contacted Kate. We had both lost a daughter. We exchanged letters, and she sent me this song that she had written. We’ve been out of touch in the last year, but have kept up with each other through a mutual friend. Now my blog brings us together again. I asked Kate if I could post her song here and so I offer it to you with her permission.

Kate writes, “I wrote this song several weeks before we lost Anna- and sang it to her daily up until that day.- and everyday after until my son John was born. Not that it has become less important- but I have given myself permission to stop and to begin singing more to John.”

Baby Girl, Baby Girl,
Can you feel?
The hug of heaven,
My womb around your shape.

“The hug of heaven, my womb around your shape. “I just love the words that Kate chose for her song. When Kate wrote those words, she had no idea that baby Anna would go straight from the womb into heaven.

I understand her need to sing Anna’s song everyday and I also understand her need to stop, to give herself permission to stop. This has been my experience as well.


1. Angie - February 9, 2007

Guinever – here is a link that you can share with other grieving mothers:

This is an organization that offers rememberence photography to families that are experiencing the loss of their babies. There is never any charge to the families for this service. It is an amazing organization I am so proud to be a part of.
They also have a forum for parents and families at:


2. Karla - February 9, 2007

Thank you for honoring my beautiful friend, Kate Kelty. You both are living so courageously with such fragile hearts. I love you both!


3. Ruth - January 23, 2008

Im so sorry to hear about ur daugther. As i was reading through this i realize that it was on Feb. 9, 07 and one of the baby’s name is Abby. Well im a mother too who just lost my daugther. Her name was Abygail. She died on Feb. 10, 07. I would be so glad if i can keep intouch with this two mother who is in the same situation as me.Thank you so much

Ruth, I’m so sorry that you lost you daughter too. You can keep in touch with me through this website by leaving comments. If you don’t want them to appear on the website, just let me know…~blessings, Guinever


4. Jerry Girl - October 15, 2009

I can’t imagine the pain of losing your child (and don’t even want to try!) You will be reunited, and feel all the joy you’ve been missing one day. God bless!


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