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it’s March 22 March 22, 2007

Posted by guinever in grief, healing, life, loss.

Some have asked me if I’m going to do the same thing on the anniversary of Abby’s death today that I did a year ago. Last year, the women from my bible study went with me to the cemetery. I invited others too. We stood in a circle and prayed. Then we went to my house for lunch. The answer is no. I’m not going to do that today.

But I thought I would do it in another month. Right now, the cemetery is brown and gray. Seems a lot like death. Very conducive to mourning. But as April marches in, the cemetery comes alive with the color of blossoming trees that line the avenues. Rich, green grass. The scent of apple and cherry blossoms will fill the air. Butterflies will emerge from their cocoons. It will be beautiful. The surroundings won’t be so mournful. It will be easier to celebrate Abby’s new life in heaven and look forward to our own.

Here’s an excerpt from my journal:

April 20, 2005 When Todd first told me that Abby was to be buried at the Lexington Cemetery, I choked up. I was very glad. I was glad because its a beautiful place. I had been there a couple times. The flowers and trees are simply breathtaking.

But when we went on March 26 to bury her, the cemetery wasn’t beautiful that day. It was gray and raining and muddy. No blooms. No flowers on the grounds. No buds.

But a couple days ago, when we went, it was the beautiful that I remembered! I wanted to go back and capture the Spring. I wanted time to stand still, for it to always look like this. Tulips and flowering trees.

So meet me at the cemetery in April.


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