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a kiss of grace for Passion Week April 3, 2007

Posted by guinever in christianity, grief, healing, life.

Two years ago, my sons brought a caterpillar into the house. We watched it grow bigger, spin its chrysalid and then emerge as a big swallowtail a couple weeks later which we then released into our yard.

Later in the summer, they found two more caterpillars and we raised those as well, but they never came out of their cocoons. I did some research and was hopeful that they were hibernating so I kept them in the habitat hanging in my dining room through the Fall and Winter.

Then on the Tuesday after Palm Sunday, my 5 year old told me that he saw a butterfly. I had just ordered some larva a few weeks earlier so we had 4 cocoons, but I knew their scheduled hatching was still several days away.

I had to remind myself that it wouldn’t be outside of God’s ability to let a butterfly come out a little early to make me smile. I was having a bad day because I was reliving the morning that Abby had died.

It was the Tuesday between Palm Sunday and Easter. Although the first anniversary of my daughter’s death had already come and gone a couple weeks earlier, it seemed like the anniversary all over again because this was the day she had died on the Christian calendar. So yes, I thought that maybe our Lord of grace had intervened in this butterfly’s life cycle just for me.

But I also did not forget my other 2 cocoons that had been hanging silent since October. Could one of those have really lived all this time, only to come out now–on this of all days? I went with my son to see the butterfly. Yes, the swallowtail had emerged from its 2 seasons of dormancy. What a wonderful Lord we have to remind me of His presence in such a beautiful way.

This surprise swallowtail was my kiss of grace for Passion Week. A few days later, the other butterflies hatched on Saturday and Easter.


1. Karla - April 18, 2007

What a beautiful blessing for you and the kids, Guinever!


2. Dinah Taylor - May 28, 2007

God knows when we need to feel our children’s presence the most. What a blessing to you and your family.

Your website is a blessing to all of us. Thank you.

Love from a fellow traveler,


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