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finding joy in the oily soot May 28, 2007

Posted by guinever in family, life, loss.

I called my cousin Kathy when I got the news from another relative that her house had burned down this week. Oh my, what next, I thought. Such sorrow and heartache she has experienced these last five years and here is another loss. I was surprised she answered the phone; I was expecting to just leave a “praying for you” message on her voicemail! I was glad to hear her tone was upbeat. She and her mom were worried that something had happened to my family when I called.

No one was home when the fire started in the old refrigerator. Fortunately, the flames were contained to half the kitchen. What a blessing that her house and everything in it didn’t burn. My cousin arrived home after an afternoon at the beach and black smoke rushed out of the house when she opened her door. Soot covered everything.

Kathy’s  belongings smell like smoke. Calling herself a packrat, she laughed and said that she has been wanting to go through her papers and stuff and get rid of things. She told me that her mother-in-law has been hoping for an extreme home makeover for her.  She said to be careful what you wish and pray for–God might answer your prayers.

As Kathy decides what to keep and what to throw away, she thinks about how she would feel if everything had burned and was gone.  As she fingers each paper, would she be sorry that it was gone if it had turned to ashes instead? This makes the decision making easier.

Kathy has found joy in her soot covered stuff. She is glad that no one was hurt and that she still has her precious photos even if they do smell like smoke.


1. Martha Mihaly - May 29, 2007

What a great attitude! I love her perspective on this. ‘Things’ are replaceable. People aren’t.


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