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a portrait July 5, 2007

Posted by guinever in everyday life, healing, loss.

One of my husband’s aunts has painted a portrait of Abby. She finished it several months ago and it has been “curing.” I assumed that we’d be bringing it home with us from our family vacation in September. And I wondered how we would keep it out of harm’s way in a minivan with 4 kids and all our stuff. I have been anticipating seeing the painting, wondering what my reaction will be. Will I cry uncontrollably or just smile and let out a contented sigh? Will it take some getting used to or will I love it immediately?

No longer will I have to wait until September. I have word that it is on its way and will arrive Monday or Tuesday. I’m feeling kinda nauseous. So much for having 2 more months to prepare for it. And yet, I’ve been contemplating it for quite some time. First for over a year and half, I was reluctant to choose a picture for it. How could I possibly pick just one photo; what if I chose the wrong one? After I finally made the decision, a month or so later, I heard that the portrait was finished and the artist was pleased with the finished product. Part of me has been happy that it has been curing 950 miles away! Out of reach, out of sight.

I am very excited, yet also very apprehensive! Please pray for peace. I’ll let you know how it goes.


1. Martha Mihaly - July 6, 2007

You have the strength. You cannot control your viceral reaction. You will find peace in it.


2. Nita - July 30, 2007

That is so sweet! Nita


3. Stephen M (Ethesis) - August 5, 2007

That is a neat story. Thank you for sharing it.


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