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a precious gift July 18, 2007

Posted by guinever in family, healing.

I told you a couple weeks ago that I was expecting a painting of my daughter to arrive. I’ve been keeping it to myself for awhile, but now I’m ready to share it with you. The UPS man arrived while I was on the phone. I had a hard time ending the conversation, so I was forced to wait somewhat patiently before opening the box that was practically weightless.

I carefully cut the tape on the box and pulled out the portrait that was wrapped in another layer of cardboard which was surrounded by packaged air (now that’s a genius invention). Then I even-more-carefully cut the tape on the second box. I was getting closer to seeing the painting, but it was covered in brown paper. I lifted the paper off the portrait carefully and slowly, wondering if it were the back or the front. I saw white canvas–obviously the backside I was looking at–so I flipped it over and started to peel away the paper.

First I saw Mary’s signature in the corner. Then I saw the pink outfit that Abby was wearing. Then her purse, then her hands clutching the purse. Then I noticed the strings hanging down from her hat. I continued lifting the paper until I could see Abby’s face and the hat on her head. Seeing the portrait just made me smile. That’s all. I loved it instantly. It’s perfect. I enjoyed it for a few minutes before showing it to my sister who was visiting.

Her reaction was different than mine. I could tell she was unsure about it. She didn’t think it really looked like her. So I took the portrait to the computer and loaded up this post and we compared them side by side. My sister changed her mind. The painting really did look like the photo. Therefore, the painting looked like Abby, only more so and grander. (does that make sense?) My sister said, “Wow, she’s really talented.”

If you read my last post, you might remember that I said it took me over a year and a half to settle on a photo. This was the picture that I wanted from the beginning, but I hesitated because she was so much younger looking in this particular picture than when she died. In this picture, she is still baby, still toddler. In her last couple months, baby Abby blossomed into a little girl. I kinda wanted the portait to be of the little girl rather than the baby/toddler.

I’m glad that I stuck to my first instinct and choice.

Now, I had a hard time taking a picture of the painting, and I might try again, but here’s the best I could get so far. I tried several settings on my simple point and shoot camera and took it from different angles and used different lighting, but I still had glare. I managed to get the glare off Abby’s face and to the side. I am thankful for my digital camera that let me immediately see my failed picture attempts so I could try again.


A perfect painting. Thanks, Aunt Mary. I will treasure it forever.


1. Karen in VT (TOG loose threads) - July 18, 2007

It is beautiful! What a treasure, Guinever. Thank you for sharing it.


2. Jan Nellis - July 18, 2007

She is beautiful! What a lovely gift from your aunt. When I look at the picture I feel like I can almost reach out and touch her. You must feel that way too. Thank you for sharing something and someone so lovely with us.


3. Samuel Herrick - July 18, 2007

What a wonderful reminder of precious Abby who we’ll see again someday with the Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks for sharing.
Uncle Sam

John 14:2-3 (KJV)
In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.


4. Alisa - July 18, 2007

Oh Guinever. What a precious gift. Your aunt really captured Abby.


5. papa - July 18, 2007

That’s my granddaughter! Thanks, Mary!



6. Hope from Iowa - July 18, 2007

What a wonderful painting. She’s adorable. Thank you for sharing your healing process with us.


7. Valerie Jacobsen - July 18, 2007

I remember seeing the photo this was made from! So beautiful–what a treasure! God is good–and your aunt is so talented!



8. teatimewithliz - July 18, 2007

Yes, it is beautiful. Thank you Aunt Mary! I want to say Guinever, that my first reaction was masked by trying to hold back a flood of emotions. I love you! And I so miss our little Abby girl.

Aunt Lizzie


9. Rebekah - July 18, 2007

What a sweet, sweet painting. She is lovely.


10. Kathy - July 18, 2007

This was a wonderful idea, and I’m so glad you were able to have this done, Guinever. What a treasure Abby is, and what a beautiful reminder of that.


11. Angie - July 18, 2007

It’s beautiful! It looks like she captured Abby so well! I loved that photo =)


12. Pam in SE MI (TOG loose threads) - July 18, 2007

What a beautiful painting of a beautiful girl Guinever! Thank you for sharing something so precious with us.


13. Julie Witt - July 18, 2007

Thank you for sharing the painting. I’m sure it is something you will always look at and remember her by.


14. Karla - July 18, 2007

I love the painting, Guinever. It sounds like receiving it was a very peaceful experience for you. I’m glad that you and your sister could share in that together and now with your community (of which I am so glad to be included).


15. Andy - July 18, 2007

Precious. Excellent job Aunt Mary!! Thank you for posting the painting G.


16. Jean Martin - July 19, 2007

What a wonderful idea! I have many photographs, but no portrait. I lost my daughter, Holly, last November, also unexpectedly. In finding your site, I am again shedding tears for Holly and for Abby. Although Holly was 19, she was severely mentally and physically handicapped and so was very much like a 2 year old. She had the greatest smile and giggle and beautiful eyes. I may have to consider having a portrait done also. May you continue to find peace and God’s healing as time goes on.
P.S. I also found Psalm 42:11 to be comforting.


17. Jodie McNeely - July 20, 2007

She is beautiful. The portrait reminds me how much she liked all those “girly” things. What a treasure to have.


18. Nate - July 21, 2007

I can only imagine the emotion and the flutter of your heart as you opened that package. Thanks for sharing this beautiful little girl with us.


19. Donna Miles - July 23, 2007


How beautifully your Aunt captured the sweet innocence of your Abby!
with loving thoughts,


20. amy - July 25, 2007

Thanks to God for such a sweet girl. I miss her. Thanks to Aunt Mary who poured her heart and talent onto canvas to show how beautiful Abby was. Thanks to you, Guinever, for sharing such a private moment with us. Praying for you.


21. Rosemary Smith - July 30, 2007


The painting of Abby is so very precious. Although I never knew her on this earth, I feel like this portrait has brought her alive for me.

God bless,



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