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on painting Easter eggs October 7, 2007

Posted by guinever in christianity, family, healing, moving on.

My husband is watching football, the kids are in bed, and I’m on the computer doing a bunch of stuff. I’m listening to the music at Serving God and Family, a blog I discovered tonight by a mom who left a comment on my website about pregnancy and birth. I found encouragement and great reminders of how to be content while staying at home with my kids.

I also visited Nitty Gritty where I haven’t been in several months. Mommy blogger Jody describes herself as

I am a wife and mother of 5- four of them are at home and underfoot and one is in Heaven.

mary-eggs.jpgThis one sentence describes me perfectly, although the similarities in our biographies probably end there except for our shared faith in the Lord. I always page down to the tag of “missing Teagan” to see what’s new and how she expresses her grief about missing her daughter who died when she was 4 years old in a freak accident. (sound familiar?) I came across this post about painting Easter eggs with her girls.

c-eggs.jpgReading about painting eggs with her kids just for the fun of it is timely for me. I just cleaned out the sideboard in my dining room to make room for some of the kids’ school stuff (homeschooling produces lots of piles of papers, clutter and books) and one of the things that I threw away was a couple egg decorating kits. This may seem insignificant except those kits have troubled me for 3 Easters now and I don’t want the same stress next Easter which is still a half year away; I want to start afresh. In March of 2005, I had purchased these things to decorate eggs with my 3 older kids. That never happened because my life turned upside down when Abby died the Tuesday before Easter.

The next Spring, the first anniversary of her death, I bought a bunch of eggs to do the decorating with my boys. I couldn’t bring myself to do it even though I know they would’ve had a blast. I put the stuff away. And then this year, I was determined to overcome this obstacle. I mean how hard can it be to dye some eggs? I hard-boiled the eggs, but again I a-eggs.jpgjust couldn’t do it. Abby was supposed to be here in all the fun. Plus, Abby had been 2, now Mary was 2. Mary was so much like Abby last Spring. I wanted both my girls here…

I did however, take the kids to an Easter egg hunt, something I was unable to do last year.  I felt this was progress and I decided that I would make every effort to decorate the eggs next year.

So when I was going through things in my cabinet and I came across the egg kits, I decided to pitch them (not very frugal of me, is it?) I had to throw them away because when March and April come in 2008, I can start over with new egg kits. My kids and I will love decorating them, especially little miss Mary. You can ask me in another 6 months if we painted the eggs.


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