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this blog has been calling out to me again February 12, 2008

Posted by guinever in family, grief, healing, life, loss.

Four months have passed since I’ve written anything for this blog. Again, its not because I don’t have anything to say…life gets in the way. With Spring approaching, I thought I might be posting on here again.  I’ve also just approved a few of the comments that have been piling up.

As I frosted Caleb’s birthday cake this Saturday, I was thinking about his birthday 3 years ago when Abby was still here and how she just thought it was the best thing in the world. Then she had her own birthday with her own presents 2 weeks later. Then poof, she was gone.

Then I was thinking about the doll cake I made for Mary in November, how Abby might like a doll cake too if she were here to enjoy it, but she’s not…so I started to cry.


1. Karla Duerson - February 12, 2008

Today when the kids and I sang our prayer song before lunch, I thought of your family worship time. I was thinking that it must help you all so much. Then, reading about your tears reminded me afresh of your sorrow. All I could do tonight was cry too that Abby is not here.


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