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an update to my “what started it all page” March 14, 2008

Posted by guinever in grief, healing, life, loss.

I recently had a fabulous weekend away from home where I met a great group of ladies from my online curriculum support group. Even though I had never met any of them in person before, I already knew them.

Several of the women asked me how my daughter died. They had searched all my blogs and didn’t find the details of her death. That is purposeful.

Sometimes, I’m tempted to put it on here because I would rather people read it here, hear the story from me and not from someone else. Things get lost in translation, words used  are ones I would not choose, the story changes…When people read the news story online, that’s fine, but it’s definitely not the whole story. And what you won’t unfortunately find when you search, is the letter I wrote that also appeared in the newspaper.

So because people are searching for details,  I’ve updated my what started it all page.


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