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just an update… March 14, 2008

Posted by guinever in grief, healing.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who carried me through Abby’s birthday a couple weeks ago. I received many e-mails and e-cards and phone calls and this blog was pretty busy at the end of February because I posted a few times and people were checking in on me. Thanks especially for the prayers. Please never stop praying for me and my family.

So how was Abby’s birthday? The day started out difficult, but then got better. And better. (probably because of all your prayer and encouragement)

I was quite overwhelmed in the morning with everyday happenings–normal life with 4 energetic children and breakfast messes. And to top it all off, when I went to frost the cake I had made the night before, I discovered someone had picked at it and essentially ruined it (at least the look of it), I just broke down sobbing and had to leave the house and get away on my own for a little.

I went to the cemetery, but a graveside service was about to start in Abby’s section. No one had arrived yet, but the cemetery employees were there and had the road blocked off, ready to receive all the funeral traffic….so I just drove around for awhile and went back home.

I broiled the cake for a few minutes in hopes of killing all the germs from my cold infested child who had touched it earlier then I frosted it. Then I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This noon meal is our main family dinner that we have together and is usually a nice hot meal…I was bracing myself for a negative comment from my husband.

When we got to the table he said,

Just look at these wonderful gourmet sandwiches your mother made. Yeah mommy (kids clapping).

Wow. I’m so thankful for a husband who sees what is going on and realized that this was all I could do that day and so he accepted it joyfully. He even told me the next day that we could have peanut butter and jelly whenever I wanted or needed to do that. I am truly blessed.


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